Photo Series Just Goes To Show That You Never Know What's Beneath The Water's Surface

May 9, 2015

If you've got travel fever, you probably daydream about beautiful beach vistas and gazing out into the horizon where the sky meets the sand. But you're missing half the picture - when you just take a quick peek at what's under the water, your daydreams double in their awesomeness. Check out these half-land, half-sea photos and get ready for some serious oohs and ahhs.

1. Papua New Guinea

2. Andaman Islands, India

3. Mare Island, New Caledonia

4. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

5. Zanzibar, Tanzania

6. Fiji

7. Raja Ampat Island, Indonesia

8. The Everglades, Florida

9. Magdalen Islands, Canada


10. Spain

11. France

12. Eilat, Israel

13. Iceland

14. Green Lake, Austria

15. Sipadan Island, Malaysia

16. Crystal River, Florida

17. Argentina

18. Switzerland

19. Laguna de Los Burros, Mexico


20. Mediterranean Sea, France

21. Danko Island, Antarctica

22. Flores Sea, Indonesia

23. Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

24. Smalblaar River, South Africa

25. Cuba

26. Nuweiba, Egypt

27. Palawan Island, Philippines

28. Shark Park, South Africa

Via: Distractify 

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