Photographer Shows 6 Secrets To Looking Great In Every Photo

We’ve all heard the saying “the camera adds ten pounds,” but why? Turns out, the blame doesn’t lie with you or the camera at all, but with lighting. While soft lighting creates shadows that hide bumps and bulges, bright lights illuminate everything – even the bits you don’t want seen. In the wrong light, even the most beautiful person can take a bad picture.

As a result, there’s a lot of pressure for those behind the lens to capture their subjects in the right setting. However, as photographer Jodee Ball is here to demonstrate, there are a few things all of us can do to make sure we’re looking our best. With these 6 tips, you’ll be modeling like a professional in no time!

1. Loosen up. 

A carefree pose relaxes your body, making you appear natural and comfortable in your surroundings.

2. Turn away from the camera. 

Positioning yourself at an angle does wonders in avoiding an unflattering T-shape.


3. Watch your hands. 

Rule of thumb – if it feels awkward, it probably is. If you want your hands in a photo, take some practice shots to find the right position.

4. Drop your shoulders. 

Sure, you want to have good posture, but unless you are taking a professional headshot, standing at attention like a cadet is not a good look. Instead, lower your shoulders for a more flattering line.


5. Don’t forget to bend your knee. 

A bent knee creates a curvy line that instantly makes you look thinner. Who knew?

6. Tilt your head – and smile! 

Tilting your head not only helps hide your neck, but also gives a more natural, relaxed look. And the smile? That will brighten everyone’s day. 

Via: Bored Panda | JP Ball Photography

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