Photographer Shows Us How Various People Would Look If They Had Perfectly Symmetrical Faces

You have probably heard it said that people with perfectly symmetrical facial features are more "attractive" than those without. In fact, symmetrical features are seen as one of the main components of beauty in both men and women. Think about the "most beautiful" people in the world - most of them have this facial symmetry. But, what happens if we force that symmetry upon people who do not necessarily already possess it? Are they still as "beautiful" as we would expect them to be, or do they prove the theory to be wrong?

Photographer Alex John Beck attempted to find out.

His series "Both Sides Of" presents two pictures of one person, not a before-and-after series, but rather one image of the left side of a person's face mirrored against itself and one of the right side.

The results are rather interesting, as those who do not have naturally symmetrical features end up with two pictures that look more like siblings or twins.


Others, who presumably do have rather symmetrical features, end up with two pictures that look more or less the same.

Beck, a New York-based fashion photographer, hopes to tackle the idea that symmetry equals beauty.

He wants those who view this series to wonder about the people in the images.

He says, "The less symmetrical they are initially, the more different the characters suggested by each face. The more symmetrical faces betray their owners more subtly, however, one side proves clearer, the other more inward-looking."


These two images look like they could be of a younger and older sister.

It's true that some of these images suggest that they are of different people who happen to look alike.

It's pretty incredible that only viewing one side of a person's face can make that much of a difference in how we perceive them.

The series almost makes you wonder how you would look if Beck photographed you, doesn't it?

Via: Feature Shoot | Alex John Beck

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