Photographer Takes Gorgeous Baby Photos By Placing Babies In A Cast Of Their Mother's Pregnant Belly

When it comes to capturing precious moments with a newborn, photographer Jocelyn Conway is stepping up her game. For years, Conway has been challenging traditional family photography by incorporating larger themes within her photos. Her current theme undertakes the connection between pregnant mothers and newborn children through the use of what she refers to as “bump bowls.”

As a former midwife, Conway understands that the connection between a mother and infant in the womb is nothing short of incredible. She captures this loving connection by integrating mold castings of the mothers’ pregnant bellies into her portraiture. While these “bump bowls” are nothing new, Conway turns the mother’s cast into a prop for the baby once it has arrived. Next, she photographs the newborn nestled inside of their mother’s casted womb – and the results are absolutely stunning.

The newborns, Conway argues, love being back in their casts because it reminds them of the warm, nourishing environment of their mother’s womb. Because the casts are made to replicate the curvature of the mom’s tummy, these newborns feel right at home. While her methods may seem unusual, Conway continues to redefine newborn photography with her innovative ideas. Take a look at some of her incredible work below!

Conway aims to capture the relationship between mother and child by reconnecting newborns with the feeling of being in their mother’s womb again.

She typically spends several weeks with the mother in order to capture moments both before and after the child’s birth.

For years, Conway has been interested in the process of body casting and her photography is a clear integration of these talents.

The casts are typically made during the third trimester of the mother’s pregnancy (about 34 to 36 weeks into the pregnancy).


After the casts are made, mothers have the opportunity to see their child nestled up in a replica of their womb.

Adding feathers and blankets to the cast, it’s clear that these newborns feel right at home.

The results are both beautiful and heartwarming!

Of course, safety is always a precaution when photographing the babies. Conway often takes several test photos to ensure the stability of the bowl.

Using editing, Conway combines the test images with other props.

Conway excellently captures the loving and nurturing connection between mother and child in a new, innovative way.


In addition to her “baby bowl” photography, Conway also does casts of newborns hands and feet.

To see more of Conway’s photography, a portfolio of her work is available on her website

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