Photographer's Landscapes Reveal Hidden Details

When it comes to nature, looks can be deceptive. Sure, that skunk might look really cute, but wait until it sprays you. Or how about the Portuguese man o' war, which looks gorgeous but packs a potentially fatal sting? Then there's the stuff that you can't even see - camouflage was inspired by Mother Nature, and her creations have got it down pretty well. Take stick insects or chameleons, for instance. In the wild, you'd have a pretty tough time picking out either one from their surroundings.

Photographer Laila Pregizer decided to toy with the idea of blending into the environment in her photo series, titled "Metamorphoses." With the help of some very talented body art specialists, she's managed to seamlessly blend in human subjects with their backgrounds. The end results are stunning, and some are so well done that you may be staring for a while before you spot the hidden person.

1. These photos all contain at least one person, hidden to match their surroundings.

2. Thanks to the work of expert body painters, some of these are almost impossible to spot at first glance.

3. Clever use of real branches here.

4. These rocks look lifeless, but they're not!

5. I only saw one figure in here initially.

6. Can you spot the person hidden in this photo? I nearly didn't.

7. This is so impressive.


8. The natural settings are stunning in their own right.

9. Just some rocks, nothing to see ...

10. I can't imagine how much time must go into these.

11. Every detail of the bark is perfectly reproduced.

12. This one is called "Stars and Stripes."

13. Each swirl is absolutely perfect.

14. The subject is painted so as to render them almost invisible ...


15. ... Though sometimes it's good to stand out!

16. The blending of the colors is almost magical.

1‚Äč7. This one took me longer to spot than I'm proud of. 

18. This one took even longer than that. Seriously impressive work.

19. Even baby bellies get the camouflage treatment!

20. This ain't your average day at the beach.

21. Imagine walking by a tree that looked like that.

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H/T: Boredom Therapy | Laila Pregizer

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