Photos Of The Best Childhood Ever, Surrounded By Wildlife

You may have had a pretty awesome childhood with all the coolest toys and sugary treats a kid could ask for, but you probably had nothing compared to the childhood of Tippi Degre. When Tippi was growing up in the '90s, her family moved to a remote location in southern Africa, where she encountered some of the biggest and scariest animals on the planet.

Since Sylvie Robert and Alain Degre (Tippi's parents) were both nature photographers, they captured a lot of Tippi's childhood through these amazing photos including time spent alongside lions, elephants, and even a cheetah or two. So while your childhood may have been all about playing tag and kickball, Tippi spent hers getting close to nature. 

Check out baby Tippi hanging out with a family of elephants!

She might not have had all the things you normally associate with childhood happiness ...

… But it was still the best childhood ever!

Some would be nervous to let a child this close to a wild animal ...

… But she was always under watchful eyes.


The animals and tribespeople accepted Tippi as one of their own.

Snakes? Tippi loved snakes, and they seemed to love her too.

She got to live out a real-life version of The Jungle Book.

She had a childhood most of us could only dream about.

Her smile definitely tells you all you need to know.


Even now, Tippi recognizes that she has a special bond with animals ...

… And by the looks of these pictures, that’s not hard to believe.

She got to live a life that most little girls don’t.

Tippi spent her time immersed in the beautiful world around us.

Because of how Tippi grew up, she has formed a strong bond with nature and the animals she’s encountered. She speaks more of this connection in her book, Tippi: My Book of Africa.

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