Pick A Color You're Drawn To The Most. It Just Might Reveal What Type Of Person You Are

Have you ever noticed that your color tastes change when different things in your life are happening? Take a look at your closet and most likely you tend to go for certain colors that correspond with what you want to project in your life. 

Pick a color from the swatches below and find the corresponding color swatch from the list. Based on the color you chose, you can tell some pretty amazing things about what is going on in your life. 



1: You've been considering an adventurous life change, but you're a little nervous about a negative outcome. Your caution brings practical sense and will keep you on the right track. Go for it.

2: There is a person or a thing in your life that you don't trust. You're right to be wary, but make sure that you can still enjoy yourself in the process. Just keep checking that you're being honest with yourself.

3: You have concerns about your health. The color orange brings vitality and you'll do best to let your own vivaciousness carry you back to good health.

4: You are at a point where you're thinking of settling down a little bit. Don't make drastic changes right now. It's okay to take a backseat until things work themselves out.


1: Even though you might not be ostentatious, you do have a deep inner confidence. Channel that and stay focused on the thing you're reaching toward. You'll find reserves of your can-do spirit.

2: A secret is heavy on your heart and it's throwing off your balance. Get it off your chest and allow your inner light to get back to its brightest potential. Others will take note and be happy to have your old self back.

3: You know when you see that "check engine" light come on? Your body and spirit are sending you that signal. Allow yourself to heal, take a vacation or just get some rest. Don't beat yourself up for taking a break.

4: Are you surrounding yourself with others who are sapping your energy dry? Give yourself a few checks and make sure that you are not only giving but taking support as well.


1: You've reached a place of contentment and satisfaction. That doesn't mean you're getting complacent. Do a check on the fears that are holding you back and go be bold in getting exactly what you want.


2: You want something fresh and new in your life. A change will make you happy. Treat yourself by going to the park where babies, puppies and new flowers are around. Now is a good time to start on a goal.

3: It's time to seek a resolution for what has been throwing your harmony off balance. It might mean having the courage to cut something out of your life, but once your balance is restored, you'll notice yourself coming back into alignment.

4: You know that you are not as happy with your progress as you could be, but if you're being honest with yourself, you did work very hard to get where you are now. Appreciate the journey and don't get too bogged down by the big picture. Take one step at a time.


1: You are always seeking adventure, excitement and energy. Once in awhile, your impulsiveness gets the better or you, but don't let your spontaneity run dry. It's where your power comes from.

2: You are very warm and loving, but you may be seeking a passion in your life that's been missing. Is there something you've been wanting to do and have been holding back? Seek out company and you'll find a companion in your search.

3: You tend to get upset by something and not let it go. Quit being passive-aggressive, get it off your chest, calmly, and start focusing on the balance in your life. Remember, behind that anger is a deep passion that can be channeled for positivity.

4: You are in battle mode. The good news is that you will win. The bad news is that if you aren't careful, you can lose your cool and damage your relationships in the process. Keep a cool head.


1: You are a highly powerful person. You have elegance, formality and poise. Keep fresh, new things coming into your life so you don't become bored or cynical. You need bright, cheerful people to balance you out.

2: You are known for your sense of calm and intelligence. Your wilder, more impulsive friends appreciate your class and stability. Know yourself well and don't let yourself feel down about yourself. Reach out to your friends if you need them to pick you up when you're worried.

3: You have a tendency to get stuck in your head, swirling around heavy topics and not getting anywhere. You're not getting anything done by worrying. Give yourself permission to stop obsessing and focus instead on taking concrete actions.

4: You love cleanliness, order and quiet. People look up to you for having your life so together. Make sure that you don't get bent out of shape about the little things. It's okay; your loved ones love the messy parts of you as well.



1: You are looking for support externally, but actually, it has been within you all along. Make sure you're allowing yourself some alone time to find this peace inside yourself and use it for the resolution of the problem you're struggling with.

2: You're a peaceful, serene person, but if left alone too much, you can turn toward depression and lethargy. Reach out to loved ones and make sure you have new people coming into your life to keep your energy up.

3: You're under some pressure to do something you don't want to do. You are correct – you're not being boring or stubborn, you're just being sensitive to your own boundaries. Remember that you can be supportive of someone while not joining them. Make an offer to encourage from a distance. It's much more your speed.

4: You are yearning for adventure. Changing up your routine and getting out of a rut will fight that gnawing sense of ennui that has come into your life. Give yourself time and permission to explore.


1: You are ready for love. Your happiness and positivity have aligned and you are ready to shower that brightness on someone. It may not be romantic love – it could just as easily be a new project, pet or embracing a change with warmth and energy.

2: You find yourself thinking back to childhood's simpler times. The nostalgia is a nice feeling, but don't get stuck on it. Go out and do something nice for someone else today and you'll immediately see rewards in your own outlook. You are the change you're seeking.

3: If you're starting to feel desperate for the respect you've been missing, don't worry, it is on its way. You are showing the world that you deserve to be treated better. If someone is keeping you down, now is a good time to give them a warning. If they continue holding you back, it might be time to let them go.

4: You are someone's most fun friend. Someone is probably thinking about you right now. Take that zest for life and apply it to something for pure fun, even if the benefits aren't immediately clear.


1: You need some space to work on something that's inspiring you. Don't be afraid to ask for it. Sometimes solitude is crucial for creativity and you are articulate enough to get your loved ones to understand that. Recharge your inner batteries.

2: Daydreams and nostalgia seem like benignly romantic habits, but they may be holding you back. Check in with yourself that you are still marching toward a focused future. Take action today.

3: You have definitely earned a degree of respect, but your need to make sure that other people give it to you can make you seem over-eager. Calm down a little bit and let people come to you. They'll come and they'll give you the respect you crave.

4: You have immense inner strength and people will come to you for advice and poise. Make sure to take time for yourself to pursue the things that make you happy. Just because you are so reliable doesn't mean that you don't deserve some time to breathe and reenergize. You take care of so many people. Take care of yourself as well.

Credit: Little Things

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