Pics Of Animals That Seem To Be Secretly Planning The Revolution

The animal world is full of miracles and wonder. You can't help but be amazed at how animals seem to adapt to every possible niche in an ecosystem and how creative they can be, too.

So, is it possible that one day, when they finally realize what a mess we're making of the planet, that animals will rise up and decide to rule the world themselves?

We think that if you see these 15 photographs, you'll be convinced that the animal revolution is much nearer than we might have believed. Good luck in the coming days. We hope that these images help you to prepare for the fight.

1. Rooster Rage


This rooster's all ready to go and march on Washington for his rights. He's already rounding up the humans on his farm for the revolution.

2. They Have Ears Everywhere


Just when you least expect it, they're listening to your plans and preparing for global domination. They're better equipped for it than we are.

3. They Live Among Us In Disguise

The Dodo

This dog is already prepared for the days when he needs to go undercover to infiltrate the ranks of humans. Check out his dental work. 

4. Shoot To Kill


The animals begin to take "self-defense" classes in preparation. The foolish humans teach them all they know. They won't know what hit them. Alright, perhaps they will.


5. They Type Their Plans

Geyser of Awesome

If you want to run a worldwide revolution, you have to master the world-wide web. Mr. Paws, as he's known to his comrades, will rise to the challenge. 

6. Mastering Weapons


Watch out! That cat! In the tree! He's got a machine gun. Seriously, we're not sure that it is a machine gun but it sure looks like one, doesn't it?

7. And Slowly But Surely


The animals know that they won't be able to take over without proper plans, so they've put their finest minds to work on this. 

8. They No Longer Hide


When you run the world, you don't need to blend into the background anymore. That's why the orange alligators are coming out of the closet.

9. All Species Will Come Together


The animals have learned from our mistakes. They won't be running around behind each others' backs, they'll take care of all. Four legs good. 

10. Mounted Units


The smaller animals will be able to play their part in the combat of the revolution by joining the mounted units. Like this doggie already has. 


11. They Go Where They Please


You know that the animals are coming when they start to go to the stores to stock up for the final campaign. Beware the bears of the beans aisle. 

12. They Pillage


There comes a time when every army must feed itself. When that time comes for the animals, they will pillage every chocolate bar that they can find.

13. The Navy Is Scary


There you are minding your own business on the sands and then their navy strikes. The animals are further along with their plans than anyone could have imagined.

14. They Infiltrate Behind Enemy Lines


This snake was able to sneak past the enemy undetected and then position himself for maximum damage. The reptilian shock troops are the worst of them.

15. They Follow You Home


We hope that this human (or these humans) managed to secure the openings to their home when this snake decided to try and make his way in. 

We hope you've had as much fun reading this as we did putting it together for you. We just want to reassure you, it's in fun, there's no revolution really. 

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