Pics That Are The Absolute Definition Of Funny

School's out! If you're a part of the working world without a summer break, though, we're sorry. Anyhow, in classic internet fashion, here's some light summer reading—really light. This stuff is beautiful in its simplicity and there's something in here for everyone.

(A tip from the professionals: If you can't get enough silliness, you may want to head over to the likes of Reddit and Pinterest for a few curated meme communities. There are plenty of spots online where you'll find like-minded people who are dedicated to the craft of jpeg gathering.)

1. The Music Has Changed, Man


Let's hope that the person who laid the text over this photo knows that the song is "Welcome to the Jungle," not "Welcome to the Garden."

2. Grand Theft Auto: Virtual Reality


You're seriously furious if you're the homeowner whose roof gets demolished by improperly placed construction equipment. If you're not, though, you're probably snickering.

3. This Foxy Wildlife Photographer

Bored Panda

"Okay, take one more. No, no, delete it, I look bad. Take another." Just all in a day's work for your standard wildlife photographer.

4. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things


This poor little doggo surely knows how much he or she stinks of grass. Here's hoping that this little green monster doesn't hate bathtime!

5. A Handsy Way Of Playing Footsie


Five dollars says that this guy knows what he's doing. What, is his arm asleep? No. He probably wanted to feel those boat shoes.

6. Spoiler Alert, That's Not What That's For


This is so silly, but it's also a little brilliant at the same time. What if she bought this car precisely because she envisioned it as a dining room?

7. Reporting On The Important Things


The broadcast media: It's always there to capture terrible things on film for the rest of the world to see forever... and ever... and ever.


8. Interior Un-Decoration


An elephant hitting the john? This is the kind of thing that's easiest get away with if you've got a bachelor or bachelorette pad.

9. Any Excuse For Laziness

The Berry

"That's definitely a bad sign—wouldn't want to get caught in a downpour when I'm two miles away from home." Yeah, good thinking.

10. An Existential Parking Crisis


This is a great way to describe many aspects of adulthood. Whether you've got a mortgage, car payment, or student loan, we're all bound by these invisible chains.

11. Star Wars: Revenge Of The Registrar


This is what happens when you give young adults control over their simple entries into your college registration system. This can't be the only nerd in the whole school's database, either.

12. An Accident Just Waiting To Happen


Yeah, make sure to clearly read the labels on these bottles... or don't, and take this opportunity to prank your roommate or siblings. Just make sure you have more than one bathroom.

13. History Repeats Itself


These two connections make a lot of sense, and there are certainly more puns buried here. Standup comics in training, take note: something, something, pyramids and the Illuminati.

14. Font Nerds, Rejoice


There's no shortage of font puns if you're willing to dig them up. If you're a designer with a sense of humor, share this with your like-minded friends.

15. When You're A Netflix Addict

If you haven't been in this position, then you might not know this feeling. @Netflix: THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES. I am always still watching.


16. Big Ears, Big Relaxation


This is the very face of relaxation. Question: If you're a dog with ears this big, do you hear in surround sound? Namasté, young pupper.

17. Postmodern Archaeology


Were you born before 1995? If so, you're lucky to be armed with some knowledge that today's children can only uncover by digging through internet archives.

18. A Winning Pregnancy Announcement


When you've just discovered that you're pregnant and you're feeling #BobRossVibes, this is how you do your announcement up. Cheers to this happy couple.

19. Don't Tell Me To Calm Down


In the words of Rick And Morty's Jerry Smith: "Have you ever tried to relax? IT'S A PARADOX."

We hear you, Jerry. Don't tell us to calm down.

20. Silence Of The Cats


Every cat owner knows that these diabolically sweet creatures can exhibit some serious serial killer tendencies. Like coughing up hairballs on the rug, never the tile or hardwood floor? Psychotic tendencies are just in their nature.

If you've made it this far, we know you associate with others that are juuust like you.

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