Pictures Show The Daily Struggles Of Living In A City That Gets Insane Amounts Of Snow

You thought winter was bad in your neck of the woods. You haven’t seen anything yet. Just ask Reddit’s awesomesause1414. Kamchatka, Russia endures a blizzard virtually every day, with snow so high that you are lucky to see the tops of street signs, let alone read what they say.

This is Russia folks.

This doesn’t look so bad: just a quiet, snowy night before bedtime.

Dude, where’s my car?

This is considered just a typical storm, too.

Who else can say they live with a built-in four-story snow slide?

Even if you can get out of your home, and then get your car out, good luck getting anywhere.


Getting the kids to school each day is a challenge to say the least.

Even once your car is free, navigating the city is impossible.

Traveling even a mile could take hours, as there is only room for one car.

This happens every year here, mainly due to the area’s mountains and valleys.

This gigantic plow is dwarfed by the snowdrifts.

Snow madness has officially set in.

It all melts eventually, and then the real fun starts.


What was once snow is now water, and flooding ensues.

The massive mountains of snow slowly melt and trickle into the streets.

Russia awaits. Are your bags packed yet?

The toughest part to get used to is the fact that this is all normal. The town’s location means that this is going to happen every year, creating a winter wonderland that virtually locks people into their homes for extended periods. It is possible to get your car out after hours of shoveling, but there may be another foot of snow by then where you already shoveled.

Credit: Reddit

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