Pilot Turns Plane Around To Pick Up Family Who Missed Flight

A Delta pilot was informed that a family missed the flight and was going to miss their father’s funeral. The pilot then turned around the flight so that they could make their flight.

Rick Shorts and his family were travelling from Minneapolis to Tennessee for his father’s funeral. Their original flight was delayed by 90 minutes, so they only had 10 minutes to make it to their connecting flight.

When they got to the gate, the doors had been closed and the plane was about to take off. There were no more flights until the next day.

Rick said, "The lady got on the phone and said there was nothing they could do, that the tower wasn't going to let them pull back in and my sisters and mom ... sitting there in tears and I'm screaming through the glass.”

Rick was trying everything to get the pilot’s attention. Desperate, he banged on the glass and shouted.

Rick said, “All of a sudden, another phone call.”

The pilot saw Rick in the window. He knew he had to turn around to allow the family to board and pay their respects to a departed family member.

The family made it to the funeral of Rick’s father, who had passed away due to cancer. If it wasn’t for the pilot, they’d have never made it.

"It's very rare… someone stops and does something so kind and we need more people like that in the world," Rick said.

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H/T: America Now

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