Pit Bull Chained Up In Snow Cries Out For Help, And A Kind Policeman Comes To The Rescue

Pit bulls have had a bad reputation for several years now as being "fight dogs" or "dangerous." People mistakenly believe that the breed is inherently aggressive and violent, but the fact of the matter is that there are no bad dogs - only bad owners who bring out these qualities by mistreating them.

Thanks to this widespread misunderstanding, these dogs face a lot of abuse and often end up in shelters... where no one will take them home because they're too scared of the pit bull's unfair reputation. 

Thankfully, the tide against pit bulls is slowly turning as people learn more about them. It also helps that there are stories of dogs like Kiah, and the man who saved her.

When she was found, Kiah was chained up outside in the cold winter snow. When a police officer noticed her plight and rescued her, she got a second chance at life, as well as a chance to serve as an ambassador for her breed by getting the chance to work side by side with police officers in New York.


Not only is Kiah the first pit bull ever to work as a police dog in New York State, she passed her training with the highest marks possible.

Her handler, Justin Bruzgul, couldn't be more proud. "All pit bulls are not nasty and aggressive, Kiah is a perfect example of that. She loves everyone, is friendly and although she came from the terrible ills she showed in the end she has a heart of gold," he says.


Kiah's community feels safe with her on the job, and she's helping convince people that pit bulls are good dogs who can serve their communities.

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H/T: Inside Edition

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