Pit Bull Waits In Line To Order From The Ice-Cream Truck

If there’s anything we can learn from our pets, it's that we should do whatever makes us happy. Need to spend the day barking at everyone who walks past your door? Go for it!  While you’re at it, take a nap whenever and wherever you want to. Pets understand this simple message, and that’s one of the many reasons why we choose to love them endlessly. However, what happens when our pets take this lesson a little too seriously? This pit bull, with a very demanding sweet tooth, certainly went out of her way to achieve full doggy happiness.

Just like the neighborhood children who run outside to greet the ice-cream truck, this pit bull is on a mission for a tasty snack – and she is not taking no for an answer! Watch as she makes her way to the front of the line and orders herself what I can only assume is the flavor of the week. Ice cream may be sweet, but this pit bull far surpasses any tasty flavor. Check out how this pit bull gets exactly what she wants!

Once she hears the ice-cream truck, her mission begins! It’s time for some ice cream.

Of course, she remembers to mind her manners before buying the tasty treat. Patience is a virtue.


Good thing her mom tagged along! Ice cream is SO expensive these days.

There it is, the moment she’s been waiting for! Mom better watch out for her hand …

Nothing's better than chomping down on an ice-cream cone. Watch as she finishes the whole thing in just a few bites!


Alright, looks like it’s time for another round.

To see this adorable pit bull get her ice cream, check out the video below:

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H/T: The Dodo | Rumble Viral

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