Planning A Move? Watch Out For This Nasty Scam!

Feb 12, 2016

What happens when what’s supposed to be a happy moment in your life turns into an utter catastrophe? Where do you turn? What do you do? Mark Higgins and his wife Becky Szenk had to face these unfortunate questions when the unthinkable happened to them during a move. Mark and Becky recently invested their life savings into their own business, a pub called the Horse and Jockey. The move was motivated by a desire to be closer to their dream job. But the reality became quite the nightmare.

The couple couldn’t have been more excited. A new baby, a new business, hard work and dedication to each other and their dreams really seemed to be paying off.

The couple needed some help moving, so they went online to find it. After posting on Facebook asking for recommendations, they happened across a man by the name of Lee Green, who had a solid-looking Facebook page and was ready to move their stuff. They scheduled everything with Lee and sure enough, his moving van was there right on time.

They were thrilled with the moving process, the men who showed up were polite, professional and most of all, fast as the dickens.


It only took the men 45 minutes to pack up their entire life into their vehicle. It was only when they drove themselves to their pub, where they’d arranged to meet with the movers, that they began to worry. It was not a long trip and over an hour later, the van had not arrived. They couldn’t reach Lee or the movers. Aside from their television which they packed themselves due to concerns of it being damaged in transit, all their worldly possessions were in that moving van. Obviously, this was not a good sign.

The couple was right to worry. They’d been had. There was no Lee Green. There was no moving company. Their belongings weren’t ever going to show up.

In only 45 minutes, Becky Szenk and Mark Higgins had smiled as they watched thieves load up everything they owned and driven off with their ill-gotten gains. Becky was inconsolable for quite a while after the realization. Completely understandable, especially since they had lost so much that might not have any real tangible value but was incredibly important to them and irreplaceable. Family photos, children’s toys, keepsakes. Becky’s engagement ring. This is the type of crime you don’t even expect would happen, because who would do something like this to anyone?

The couple turned to social media to tell their tale. It was important for them to warn others to be on the lookout for similar scams, or even “Lee Green” operating under whatever new fake name he’s created for himself.


Their Internet stardom has come with a silver lining. While they’ll never get back those sentimental items they lost forever, the couple has encountered an endless stream of support, both locally and from total strangers. Money has been raised to help them restore their lives to working order, and the overwhelming show of love from everyone has helped restore their mental wellbeing and general faith in humanity. After all, they’d just seen the worst people have to offer, the only logical step for anyone who heard about it would be to show them the best.

More than anything, they really want everyone to take a lesson from this. When entrusting your personal effects and valuables to total strangers, do your research. Make sure the business is registered, or that you personally know people who have used the company or person before. You can never be 100 percent certain, but you can do your best to minimize the risk.

H/T: Aunty Acid | Becky Szenk

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