Police Officer Takes Autistic Girl To Prom

Most teenage girls spend months planning for prom. It's one of the most memorable nights of their young lives, so everything has to be perfect. It's crucial that they pick the right dress and, more importantly, the right date.

On this last detail, Samantha Wadleigh had only one guy in mind: Jersey City Officer Sean Conners. 

Officer Conners visited her class at McNair Academic High School, where she's enrolled in a program for students with autism. During his visit, she wowed him with some of her artwork. He must have left quite an impression on her because, later that night, she told her mother that she wanted to take him to prom. Mom was able to get in contact with him to ask if he would be her date, and he was more than happy to do so!

With months to go before prom, Samantha worried that he might forget about his promise. But Officer Conners is a man of his word. On prom night, he arrived at her home in his squad car carrying a box of chocolates and a corsage. The two had a blast and even posed for some fun pictures! Officer Connors says, "I was very, very lucky to be her date ... I would do it again."

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H/T: WPIX - New York

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