Police Rescue Deer From Storm

Driving through a thunderstorm can be harrowing at times. Bridges are known to be especially slick during heavy rains, and even more so if you’re traveling on your own two - or four - feet. One stormy night in Kansas City, two police officers stumbled upon a deer in distress. Deer are not very adept at crossing roads, and the slippery surface of the bridge made it extra difficult for this little one.

Tripping and sliding around, the little deer couldn’t seem to find her footing. After ramming into a concrete barrier in an attempt to jump to safety, the deer seemed down for the count. Caught on the officer’s dashboard camera, Sergeant Steven Sandusky and his partner went to check on the deer. Expecting the worst, the two were happy to see that she had just gotten one of her legs stuck in a drainage hole. “When I got there, her whole body was shaking,” Sergeant Sandusky told KMBC. Disoriented and exhausted, the officers freed the deer’s leg and escorted her to safety.

“I walked her just as if she were my dog,” Sergeant Sandusky says. A lot of times, a deer crossing ends in woe; kudos to these two policemen for coming to this lady’s rescue. “That was a great feeling; we got to help her.”

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H/T: KMBC 9 News Kansas City

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