Police Share Safety Tips To Help Prevent You From Becoming A Victim

As a son, a brother, and a husband, I worry a lot about the safety of women in my life. They are each such fierce, strong women, and I know they can handle any challenge that comes their way, but it's still rough knowing that the world is a disproportionately more dangerous place for women than it is for men. It's hard to rest easy if there is even a single twisted individual with ill intent towards the vulnerable out there.

In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to worry about those who want to prey on the weak. Sadly, the world is far from ideal and all we can really do is to do our best to be aware of the dangers around us and take whatever steps we can towards preventing an incident in the first place. That's where Officer Kandy Perry and the Fox 4 news team come in. In the video below, Officer Perry offers several safety tips that are geared towards women, but are good for anyone to know.

For instance, she advises keeping your purse on your person when taking a grocery cart back to your car - leaving it in the cart makes it much easier to snatch and grab. Now they have your cash, license, credit card and tons of valuable information. Another great tip is to keep your blinds closed at night because otherwise, criminals can easily see you inside while they lurk in the dark. These tips don't take a whole lot of extra effort, and they're definitely worth the added security.

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H/T: Fox 4 Now

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