Portable Islands Are No Longer Just A Fantasy

These images may be computer generated, but that doesn't make them any less of a reality. Portable, private islands are now available for purchase from Christie's International Real Estate. While this might sound like a bunch of silly extravagance, there’s more to the story than you'd think. Check out the images below to learn more about this project and everything these companies are doing to make the world a more liveable place in the face of rising sea levels. Not to mention the islands look pretty cool too.

Everyone's biggest complaint about islands is that they're always in the same place, but these futuristic structures change that by allowing you to float through the ocean on your own piece of paradise. All joking aside, houseboats are a pretty common thing for the Dutch, and have been since the 1860s when they were first introduced into their canals.


“Whether you prefer a romantic styled island surrounded by natural green, your own tropical island with white sandy beaches or a modern urban contemporary styled island, it is up to you!”

- The Amillarah Private Islands project.

Dutch Docklands, a company passionate about finding solutions for rising water levels across the globe, with a focus on the Maldives, is also helping with the project.

Those concerned about the effect these large structures will have on the environment will be happy to know that they can sustain themselves and are free from environmental impact. The Maldives have agreed to host ten of these islands in the future, with Dubai and Miami taking on 30 each.


Jean-Michel Cousteau, the renown oceanographer, supports the project and sees it as an opportunity “to investigate new and better ways to enhance the reaction of artificial reefs below the islands and to create new habitats.” Finally, Amillarah is not just focussed on providing luxury islands for the wealthy, but is also developing ways to provide floating solutions that will aid struggling cities.

To see more, check out the video below: 

Via: Messy Nessy Chic | Amillarah Private Islands

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