Portraits Of Women On Their First Day Of Motherhood Show The Beginning Of A Beautiful Bond

Apr 11, 2015

Jenny Lewis has lived in the United Kingdom her entire life, but in the East London area for 20 years. Since moving there, she has established herself professionally as an editorial photographer but still continues personal work on the side.

One of her latest projects is called “One Day Young,” and it is featured in a book released by Hoxton Mini Press and is also featured on her personal site. The premise of the project was to photograph new mothers with their 1-day-old infants. She posted fliers throughout her neighborhood and had no selection criteria. If the mother contacted her, the photo was included. Her purpose for the book was to show the resiliency of young mothers as they transition from “baby carrier” to caregiver. Lewis's other intention with this text was to shed a positive light on giving birth and the joys that immediately follow, since there are not often positive birth stories celebrated in the U.K. Instead of focusing on the pain and fear of the unknown, these images revel in the novelty and joy of being a new mother.

1. Xanthe and Louie

2. Kim and Perseus, Rebecca and Osiris


3. Shenelle and Arissa

4. Theresa and Tommy

5. Hazel and Rudy

​6. Idoya and Nahia


7. Clemmie and Imogen

Check out more of Jenny’s work on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Credit: Jenny Lewis | Bored Panda

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