Powerful Ad Urges Husbands To "Share The Load"

Mother's Day reminds us that being a mother isn't always an easy job, and the work is very often under appreciated. There are chores, cooking, and childcare to do every day, and without any help, the job can be exhausting. Growing up, I never realized how much work my mom did. But, now that I'm older, I have a much better appreciation for all of the work and love it took to raise me and my brother.

A recent commercial attempts to highlight the tough job many mothers face, and also encourage men to help do their part in running the house. It's a campaign called "Share The Load" and its message is reaching across the globe. It tells the story of a father with an older daughter who sees the same negligent behavior in his son-in-law that he displayed when his daughter was young. This affects the father very much and makes him want to change his ways immediately. He apologizes to his wife, his daughter, and to all the women in his country. 

This ad is a powerful reminder that doing household chores isn't just a woman’s job, and that both parents should share these chores. Hopefully, the campaign will go a long way into changing attitudes and behavior in families all over the world. Next time you see your mom, make sure you really thank her for all her hard work.  

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H/T: Ariel India

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