Powerful Images Of Firefighters Rescuing Animals

Of all the people that work to keep our communities safe, firefighters are often one of the most underappreciated. Though they often deal with fighting fires, much of their job also revolves around search and rescue. For a firefighter, putting one's life on the line is part of your job. It's not just for humans either, as we can sometimes forget all the work they do to save the lives of animals in their communities. As you are about to see, firefighters are invaluable members of society.

A blind dog named Inge was rescued by a firefighter after he fell off a ferry dock at Lake Ontario.


Firefighter David Tree stopped to give water to an injured and parched koala bear when bushfires swept across Australia.


Brett Cunniff saved a kitten from inside a burning house and patiently resuscitated it with oxygen.


A woman gratefully hugs a firefighter who courageously rescued her dog, who was still trapped in their burning house.


Austin Fire Department swiftly responded to a deer who was stuck in a storm drainpipe. They named it Bambi and handed the happy animal to Wildlife Rescue.

Austin Fire Department

This grateful dog affectionately thanks the firefighters who bravely saved her home from a fire.

Firefighter Communications


A scared kitten clings onto her brave rescuer after an apartment fire.


Firefighter Cody Knecht cleverly used his cell phone ringtone, which played the sound of duck calls, to lure ducklings to safety out of a Louisiana drainpipe.


Here they are, safe and sound.


British firefighters tirelessly worked to save a mare from an icy bog.


Connecticut firefighter John Cusco caringly provides this adorable pup with water after rescuing her from a burning second-story home.


These patient and caring firefighters gave each one of these hamsters oxygen treatment after pulling them out of a burning structure. 


Words cannot describe the gratitude that this woman has for the firefighters who rescued her feline best friend.



Lawrence firefighters jumped onto a rescue boat without hesitating in order to save a pooch who was paddling helplessly in an icy pond. Once ashore, they wrapped her in a blanket to keep her warm.


These two firefighters, Chris Tarantino and Matt Pillsbury, heard the faint cries of four motherless kittens coming from an old scrapped car. Not only did they save their lives, but they also found these kitties loving homes.


Despite having no prior animal training, these firefighters rescued a labrador from a burning house and gave her mouth-to-nose resuscitation. It saved her life.


More than 60 animals were rescued from a Toledo home that was engulfed in flames. One of those animals was this adorable iguana.


The look on this rescued kitty’s face says it all.

Imgur/Mike Silver

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