Pregnant Dog Was Found Abandoned And In Bad Shape Makes A Miraculous Recovery

Sometimes, you hear a story that's so touching, so inspiring, that you just know you'll never forget it. Maria's story is definitely one of them.

Maria is a dachshund who is paralyzed from the ribs down. She was unable to get around, and grew weaker by the day. As if that wasn't bad enough, her owners forcibly bred her while she was in this condition. Dachshunds are already notorious for suffering from lower back and hind leg issues, and becoming pregnant only exacerbated Maria's condition. 

Her owners had originally planned on a C-section, but after discovering the procedure's $3,000 price tag, they decided Maria wasn't worth it and abandoned her instead. Thankfully, a rescue organization called Friends of Emma heard about her and stepped in to save her.

Maria was initially diagnosed with anemia, likely a result of a severe flea infestation. After receiving treatment, she eventually delivered seven gorgeous, healthy puppies. Once the puppies reached the right age, they became eligible for adoption. So far, all but two have found their forever homes.

The best part of the story, however? After several months of therapy and treatment, Maria was walking again!

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H/T: gladwire

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