Press The Outside Of Your Hand To The Pavement For Five Seconds. It Could Save Your Dog's Paws

Many dog owners love to take their dogs for a walk when the warm weather hits, but some may forget about one very important detail: the hot pavement below a dog’s feet can burn their paws. Especially for those who live in apartments, walks are absolutely necessary, but there are some days when you may want to avoid the sidewalk altogether. The blistering temperatures outside can leave our four-legged friends in a lot more harm than you may think.

Young dogs are even more susceptible to damaged paw pads. They have a tender and less protective layering to keep the heat at bay. Moon Valley Canine Training, in Sonoma, California, launched their five-second-rule awareness in hopes to put an end to this wide-spread problem. 

Have you ever stepped on the hot pavement during a hot summer’s day? Well, your dog can feel the same unbearable pain. This summer, make sure to keep your pet’s safety in mind.

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Your dog’s paws aren’t the only thing to look out for this summer. Heat exhaustion doesn’t only affect humans. If the heat is unbearable to you, it is equally as unbearable for your pooch. Make sure they are kept in a cool environment with plenty of water.


Have you ever stepped on the hot pavement, and wished the ground was suddenly ice cubes? Now, imagine stepping on that blistering sidewalk for a long period of time - sounds like a nightmare. Our canine companions are thinking the same thing.


Everyone knows about the five-second rule, but there is now new meaning behind the old phrase. Place the back of your hand on the ground, and wait five seconds. If you cannot bear to hold it down until the time is up, the conditions are dangerous for a dog. 

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Best of all, it only takes a few seconds, and it can save a lot of discomfort for your pet. The morning and late evening are the best times to walk your dog. This is because the pavement is considerably cooler. If you need to take your dog out in the afternoon, make sure to stay on the grass. 


Although it may seem tempting to wrap your pet’s paws in some booties, it isn’t very practical. (But it sure is hilarious to watch.) 

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Make sure to follow this five-second rule, so your pet can have a safe and happy summer.

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