Proof That Seals Are The Puppies Of The Sea

Odds are, you’re either a dog person or a cat person. A lot of people don’t like to admit that cats and dogs are alike, but these lovable fur balls are actually quite similar. They both have four legs, whiskers, a tail, and are masters at destroying your board game.

Cats are not the only animal that share a lot in common with dogs, though. Believe it or not, seals and dogs share a lot of the same characteristics too. Both animals are considered caniforms - meaning “doglike.” Caniformia is a suborder of Carnivora, a diverse order of placental mammals. Badgers, red pandas, weasels, and bears also fall under this classification. Much like dogs, seals walk on all fours and have whiskers and a tails. Newborn seals are even referred to as “pups.” Just take a good look at a seal, and you’ll see why people refer to them as the dogs of the sea. They’re practically twins!

It might be hard to see the resemblance at the zoo, but check out these 15 side-by-side comparisons.

1. Everyone loves a snow day.

chrono1465 | simonevs

2. They're both excellent swimmers!

Andrey Narchuk | Seth Casteel

3. "Get my good side."

Gunther Riehle | SusanTheHorse

4. Still don't seem to have this "catch" thing nailed down.

Dirk Mallwitz | WeaselFriendly


5. Such dashing good looks. Wow.

John Moncrieff | Atsuko Sato

6. Both are beautiful in black and white.

Mandy Karlowski | Mitsuru Moriguchi

7. Got an itch?

Patrick Bolger | Alice Mary Herden

8. Fluffed to perfection.

Tim Flasch | Keren Su

9. Just a bunch of goofballs.

Jon Cornforth | Seth Casteel

10. Say, "Ahh!"

Roy Mangersnes | Elke Vogelsang


11. Adorable even when wet.

Keith Monroe | remi_thegreat

12. The resemblance is uncanny! | bryant

13. Two little cuddle monsters.

Keren Su | Marutaro

14. Who doesn't love the feel of the cool breeze whistling through their hair?

Al Gurr | Allie Hajjar

15. Here's looking at you, kid.

Gunther Riehle | Caroline Joy

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H/T: Bored Panda

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