Protect Your Kids And Pets From This Common Household Danger: Television

One of the most important responsibilities any new parent faces is keeping their child safe. The problem is, there are simply more dangers out there than any one person can learn about and prepare for. We can all do our best to spread the message, though, especially when it comes to household safety.

You’ve seen them. Maybe a hundred times, if you’re an IKEA shopper. Every television and big piece of furniture you purchase will come with a little bag of hardware that is way more important than most people realize. How many times have you simply tossed it aside? After all, it's one thing to assemble a bookshelf. It's another to be asked to drill holes in your wall!

Unfortunately, for the family of two-year-old Charlie Horn, they found out how important that tiny strap was in the hardest way imaginable. His mother Jenny had taken the time to attach a tall armoire in her house to the wall, knowing it could tip and harm her children. What she didn’t realize was that even her 30-inch-tall dresser was also a hazard, until it was too late.

Jenny and her husband were grief-stricken but more than that they wanted to make sure something like this wouldn’t happen to anyone else.

They founded Charlie’s House, a website and foundation dedicated to educating the public about child safety, not just tipping hazards but all dangers children face from items most adults don’t think twice about.

H/T: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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