Proud Doggie Parents Take The Best Gender Reveal Photos

Heidi Moore Trasatti is no amateur when it comes to photography. She's honed her craft and, as such, is often hired to capture incredibly special moments featuring "adoptable animals, rescue success stories, cute kids, loving families, and the beauty of nature." Because of that, she's seen her fair share of milestones in the lives of the subjects of her photography. So, when Dustin and Danielle came to her and asked her to document their gender reveal, she wasn't surprised.

She quickly learned, however, that this was no ordinary gender reveal. The happy couple was definitely adding to their family, but Danielle wasn't pregnant - they were adopting. That's not the unexpected part, though. After all, about 135,000 children are adopted in the United States alone each year! No, the unexpected part comes when Dustin and Danielle's new children finally appear on camera.

Their photoshoot starts off like any other gender reveal.

Now, it's time to open the box, revealing either blue or pink balloons that are waiting inside. You can just see the excitement on their faces!

And out come the balloons! Wait ... they're blue AND pink. Are they having twins?

Nope, they're having puppies!


As their photographer explained, "When two people fall in love and decide to take the next step, it can be amazingly adorable."

"Dustin and Danielle decided to foster two puppies for BARCS Animal Shelter, and the rest is history ..."

The couple did some traditional newborn poses with their new pups, such as showing off their tiny, adorable hands ... or, rather, paws.

Looking at Luna's sweet face, it's hard to see how she ended up in the shelter in the first place.

The same goes for Neville, whose fancy bowtie was made by his dad just for this photoshoot.


Although Dustin and Danielle first took the pups home solely as foster parents, they knew that wasn't the end of the story.

After spending time with these sweet pups, they knew they wanted to give them a fur-ever home and finalized the adoption.

What a happy (and adorable) family!

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H/T: Heidi Moore Trasatti Photography

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