Pub Owner Honors Veterans With 70,000 Poppies

Every November 11th, the United Kingdom celebrates Remembrance Day. This is their way of commemorating active soldiers, veterans and those who have fallen in the line of duty. The red poppy flower has symbolized this day for the past 100 years thanks to the poem "In Flanders Fields." While many only take one day out of the year to remember our servicemen and women, one pub owner has turned her establishment into a tribute that stands all year long.

Julie Cooper owns Don Bar, a pub located in Stockton, United Kingdom.

She receives flags, photos and all kinds of memorabilia from people whose family members have served in the military.

A portion of the pub is covered in 70,000 paper poppies handmade by disabled veterans. She hot glued them to the walls and ceiling herself, burning off her fingerprints as a result.


Cooper says that people are often moved to tears at the sight of the photos and poppies.

Coffee and tea are free for servicemen and women all day, every day.

Cooper knows that "there's not another place like this."

One visiting soldier even donated his jacket, along with all of his medals, upon seeing the tribute.


Every inch of Don Bar is covered in pictures of brave men and women, each with their own story. "If you look at each photo, each man's got a look in his eyes, it's a look of proudness, it's quite emotional," says Cooper.

So far, Don Bar has raised £7,000 worth of donations. Copper will put this money towards charities that benefit soldiers in all walks of life.

Via: Lifebuzz

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