Pull-Out Crate Storage For Your Closet

The importance of closets can sometimes be overlooked, but they are so important for helping us keep things neatly organized and stored away. Some people don't pay much attention to their closets and just see them as a small space to shove every loose item into. Others, however, know that proper organization within a closet can make your life so much easier.

For those who opted for the instant gratification of getting to toss everything into the closet without sorting and organizing everything, the day will come when they need a specific item from the clutter and regret not having implemented a proper system. That is why we strongly advise that you do it right from the get-go. Brad, from the blog FixThisBuildThat, has created the "ultimate, space-saving Floating Pull-Out Storage Crate system." The name may be a bit of a mouthful, but you will love what it can do for you and your closet.

What you'll need:

  • Large wood crates (4)
  • Half wood crate (1)
  • Small wood crates (2)
  • 8-foot 1x4 pine furring strips (2)
  • 18-inch full extension drawer slides (3)
  • Chalkboard tags
  • 1-5/8" wood screws
  • Wall anchors

This is the closet in Brad's home that desperately needed a makeover. Because it was right under the stairs, the closet was incredibly narrow and had an awkward, sloped ceiling. "I needed a closet storage solution that would take advantage of the depth, give us some hanging space, and keep the small stuff organized," he wrote in his post. The first step was to clear everything out of the closet.

He decided that they really only needed to hang a few coats in there, so half of the space under the wire rack could be dedicated to his pull-out storage crates. He determined that this area can comfortably fit four of the large crates.

"To prepare the large crates for mounting, I reinforced the sides with two sections of 1x4 furring strip," he explained. "This gave me something substantial to mount the drawer slides to the crate." He cut two 18-inch pieces with a miter saw.

Next, he took the 1x4 strips and laid them on one of the large crates. Using 1-5/8" screws, he affixed the pieces flush to the right side of each crate, both top and bottom.

This was done for all four crates.


Afterward, he sanded all the edges of the crates, then took them outside to spray-paint. He left the right side - which would be against the wall - paint-free.

While the crates were drying, Brad took a scrap piece of plywood and cut it to 18" by 6".

"I used the spacer to lay out the center lines for the drawer slides on each crate," he wrote. "This would make sure the slides were equally spaced and, more importantly, parallel."

Next, he drilled some pilot holes into the right side of the crates and affixed the slides to them with some screws.

Then, he cut two pieces of furring strips into 39.5-inch pieces. The first strip was mounted into the back corner of the closet, and the second piece was mounted 18.75 inches from the back wall. He used drywall anchors to secure the strip, as he couldn't hit a stud there.

"Now here is where that 1/4-inch plywood spacer really comes in handy," he explained. "I sized the furring strips to be flush with the top of the top crate and then have three inches of spacing between each crate all the way down. So all I needed to do was measure down 1.5 inches from the top and set the spacer flush with the front of the furring strip."


Making sure that the slides aligned with the front of the furring strip, he affixed the slides onto it.

This step was repeated until all his slides were mounted.

Then, it was time to slide the crates into place.

All that was left to do was to organize his closet items into the crates and label them accordingly. What a difference! For the full details on this excellent DIY project, check out Brad's post here.

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H/T: Hometalk | Fix This Build That

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