Puppy Pulled From Dumpster Fire

A Minnesotan trucker was disgusted by what he found one night in the freezing cold. He found a puppy, terrified and crying, at the bottom of a dumpster fire. He immediately removed the small dog from the fire, burning his hands in the process. The puppy, named Phoenix, was rushed to emergency care. Here is his story.

This is what Phoenix looked like seconds after he was rescued from the fire.

He was first shaved to check for burns.

They found that Phoenix had been doused in something flammable; meaning someone intentionally lit him on fire.

He was burned, alone, and starving. Vets were shocked to find that Phoenix was half the weight he should have been.


The worst of the burns were on Phoenix's legs. He needed to wear bandages and was given pain medication regularly.

Unfortunately, some of the wounds were no closing on their own. Phoenix went into surgery to receive skin grafts to help the healing along.

The poor pup needed to get lots of rest.

He's looking better already. Phoenix isn't out of the woods yet, but things are looking up.


It might be a while before Phoenix is fully healed, but he's surrounded by competent, loving healthcare professionals.

What an amazing story. We can only hope for the disgusting individual who committed this heinous crime to be arrested.

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H/T: Paw My Gosh

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