Puppy Rehab

Here at Wimp, we just can't help but fall in love with every puppy video we see. While we can't share them all with you, we make sure to always feature the best of the best. Who could forget the heartwarming puppy that got braces, or the Pomeranian with the most adorable sneeze ever? Personally, my favorite is this puppy, who enjoys air conditioning a little too much. 

The video featured here shows just how tough these little creatures can be. It tells the story of a tiny pup that was found abandoned on a sidewalk in Romania. At the time it was discovered, the puppy weighed less than one pound and was in desperate need of care. The people who found him knew they needed to do something, so they scooped him up and gave him to the loving arms of Howl of a Dog, a rescue foundation dedicated to taking care of abused and neglected dogs. 

Howl of a Dog named the puppy Joy, and nursed him back to health. Over the course of four months, Joy grew in size and strength and developed into a lovable and playful dog. Joy then was discovered by a family in The Netherlands who fell so in love with the puppy that they drove across the continent to pick him up in person. Today, Joy lives a happy life with a family who adores him and is sure to live happily ever after. 

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H/T: Howl of a Dog

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