Puppy With Broken Leg Won't Let Go Of Her Rescuer

When the going gets rough, sometimes all you want (or need) is someone to rescue you with open arms. That's what happened last week when Marisa Grimshaw of Mr. Bones & Co. found herself at an animal shelter in Brooklyn.

In came Buggy, a sweet, little puppy who desperately needed her. Grimshaw told The Dodo, "As soon as they handed her to me, she was clinging to my shoulder."

Unfortunately, Buggy found herself at the shelter after she sustained a serious injury that resulted in a broken bone.

Grimshaw met Buggy after she received an urgent email from Animal Care Centers of NYC. The volunteers at the shelter had found the pup with a broken leg and knew she needed immediate veterinary care.

She responded quickly, thinking of what she would want someone else to do if her own dog needed help.

Once the kind and caring vet had made it to the shelter, Grimshaw could tell that "she just wanted to be held and hugged."


"She was basically a baby version of my dog. So, of course, I was immediately obsessed with her. I was pretty adamant about us having to pull her," said Grimshaw.

Buggy had ideas of her own, too. While being transported to the clinic, Buggy yelped and cried in pain ... until she made her way onto Grimshaw's lap.

And from there? She refused to budge, and the kind vet didn't have the heart to make the injured pup move.

Grimshaw was able to fix her up, performing surgery on her broken thighbone the next day. However, Buggy still has a long way to go.

"She will have quite a bit of a recovery. There will be plates and pins in her legs. And, obviously, keeping a puppy from moving around will be difficult," she explained.


No one knows exactly how Buggy sustained her injuries, but one vet thinks it might be because of a fall. Sadly, it could also have been from a kick given to her by an unkind person. 

Buggy should be right as rain in about six weeks, though. After that, she'll be able to find a home. Until then, she has her rescuer to keep her company.

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H/T: The Dodo | Mr Bones & Co

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