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Air pollution can come in all shapes and sizes. We all know about the big kind, dangerous chemicals that are released in massive amounts from factories and cars. This is the type of pollution that is always on the news and argued about amongst politicians. But did you know that there’s a much more intimate and potentially dangerous kind of pollution that exists right in our very home? 

The American Lung Association says that indoor pollution is becoming a real problem that is far too often overlooked. So where does this pollution come from? There are three dangerous chemicals that have been known to cause damage: formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. These pollutants can be found in carpets, plastics, cleaning supplies and many more unexpected places. 

The existence of these chemicals inside homes can make allergies and asthma much worse. Fortunately, there is a simple and scientifically proven way to eliminate indoor pollution: houseplants. A recent study by NASA found that a select group of plants were especially efficient at killing pollution. So if you are looking to improve the air inside your home, consider adding these potted plants to you home decor.  

Spider Plant


Spider plants thrive in direct sunlight and do a great job at getting rid of formaldehyde.

Golden Pothos


This plant does best in shade and rarely even needs to be watered. Put it in your house to keep formaldehyde and xylene away.

Dracaena Plant


It may look like a small palm tree, but it does a great job of removing a wide range of pollutants. 



Flickr/Robert Baker

Ficus trees are very easy to take care of and look beautiful in an indoor setting. Most importantly, it will help eliminate benzene from the air. 

Peace Lily


Keep a peace lily in the shade and watch how fast it will grow. You will also enjoy a home with less ammonia and other chemicals.

Rubber Plant


This plant might look strange, but you will be a fan when you see how well removes carbon monoxide. 

Boston Fern


Boston ferns should be kept in cool places with high humidity. Once they grow, it will start to remove formaldehyde from inside your house. 

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue


This plant might have an odd name, but there’s nothing odd about the amount of pollutants it will eliminate from your house. 


Aloe Vera


The only thing aloe vera needs to survive is sunlight and a tiny bit of water. It can cure your air and also any skin burn you might ever have.

Dragon Plant

Our House Plants

It looks like a plant from a Dr. Seuss book, but dragon plants are remarkably efficient at improving air quality.  

Pot Mum

Weber's Wholesale

Not only do these flowers look gorgeous, but they are also great at lowering benzene levels.  

English Ivy


English ivy can grow like crazy, but that’s a good thing when you realize how much it lowers formaldehyde in your home. 

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