Raccoon Adopted By Dog Owners Thinks It's A Dog

Pumpkin the raccoon doesn't have a normal family. Orphaned at a young age after she broke her leg, Pumpkin was adopted by Rose Kemp and her daughter in the Bahamas. Once her injury healed, Kemp's daughter, Laura Young, took the raccoon into her own home. Along with her husband and two rescue dogs, Young raised Pumpkin like one of her own. Young said that the raccoon gets along great with her two dogs and has even started to think that she's a dog too. Check out the pictures below to see Pumpkin in her new home.

Pumpkin couldn't have survived on her own without the help of Young and her mother.

They don't have Netflix in the wilderness.

She's not afraid to explore the kitchen.

Just a "dog" hanging out with a dog.

Pumpkin loves the swimming pool.


Even the dogs helped raise Pumpkin.

"Is this not my bed?"

She loves spending time with her siblings.

A spot at the table means you're really part of the family.

"I heard this is what dogs do ..."

She wasted no time making herself comfortable.

"Just because we're siblings doesn't mean you can't also be my pillow."


She pulls her weight by helping out in the kitchen.

She loves playing with her new family.

"Oh, did you want to sit here?"

"Can I be little spoon next time?"

Pumpkin may be different, but Young and her family don't love her any less.

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