Rachael Ray Donates $1M To Hurricane Victims - But Her Donation Is A Little Different Than Others

Rachael Ray is one of the most famous celebrity chefs out there, and her show is a favorite of millions of viewers across the globe. Beyond the yummy recipes, it's Ray's sunny personality and warm smile that have endeared her to so many fans. That personality extends off-camera as well, as she is involved in a number of community outreach efforts. 

That's why when Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas, she knew she needed to help.

After years of involvement with the South by Southwest festival, Ray has developed a special affinity with the city of Austin. Her "Feedback" party is a hugely popular local event, allowing attendees to enjoy delicious food and some great music at the same time. That's why when she heard about the damage Hurricane Harvey wreaked all over Texas, Ray was heartbroken.

Looking for a way to help, she found a unique way of making a difference. Ray has always been a huge animal lover, and she recognized that they are just as in need of aid during this time of crisis as any of the humans affected by the storm.

Disasters like this often lead to thousands of animals being abandoned. While it may seem easy to condemn anyone who'd leave a pet behind at a time like this, it's important to remember that reality isn't always so simple in a crisis. That's where Ray's dog food company, Nutrish, stepped in to help displaced animals that are in need of help. 

Nutrish already does a lot of fundraising for charitable causes through The Rachael Ray Foundation, but Ray pledged an additional million dollars towards animals relief efforts. Hurricane Katrina is a reminder to us all that repairing the damage from a major natural disaster takes years of committed effort, and we must do no less for those affected by Harvey.

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H/T: Goodfullness

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