Rare Eagle Is Diagnosed With A Very Unusual Injury After Receiving An X-ray

So, an eagle flies into a vulture enclosure ... While this might sound like the setup to a bad joke that two birds would tell each other, it's actually the beginning of a very real story that happened in Israel a few years ago. While at the Gamla Nature Reserve, a man named Ido Shaked happened to see something strange in the vulture habitat. To his surprise, a single eagle was sitting among the vultures. So, how had the eagle broken into their habitat, and why?

We've all heard stories of people getting sudden bursts of strength when the situation calls for it - like mothers who become strong enough to lift a minivan if their baby is trapped underneath. While we're not sure if stories like those are true, there's no denying that something similar helped this steppe eagle fly all the way to Israel.

Steppe eagles are an endangered species of bird living in portions of Africa and Asia. They migrate south into Africa during the winter and fly back to Asia when the weather up there gets warm again. Needless to say, when one of these eagles found its way into a vulture habitat in Israel, workers were a little confused. It wasn't until they took this bird to the hospital that they realized exactly what was going on ... Check out the images below to learn the full story behind this brave bird's journey to Israel.

Ido Shaked noticed something out of the ordinary at Israel's Gamla Nature Reserve.

When it came time to feed the vultures, workers put a calf carcass inside their habitat.

Not long after that, an eagle from the outside world snuck its way into their enclosure to eat some of the meat.

Upon closer inspection, workers at the preserve realized that it was a steppe eagle in very poor condition. Something appeared to be wrong with its shoulder, but they couldn't figure out exactly what.


Once they bandaged its wounds, they went in for a consultation with an avian ecologist. After that, they took the eagle to a hospital designed specifically for wild animals. There, vets took an X-ray of the eagle's body and made a startling discovery.

An arrow was lodged in its left leg, piercing all the way through the abdomen.

After some deliberation, those working on the bird realized that it must have made its way to Israel from Africa. Unfortunately, birds are regularly targeted by poachers in Africa. Even though the injury was bad, it hadn't prevented the eagle from flying all the way to Israel!

The piece of arrow they took out of the eagle's body measured roughly five inches.

As bizarre as this story sounds, injured birds migrating from Africa to Israel is more common than you'd think.


Since everyone involved was so well-equipped to deal with the situation, the eagle was healthy again in no time.

In fact, it was standing and eating without any help just two hours after surgery!

While it may be a while before it flies again, there's no doubt this eagle has the will to live.

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H/T: Boredom Therapy | Gamla Nature Reserve

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