Rare "Medicine Hat" Filly Takes Her First Steps In The Outside World

These days, there's not a lot of issues we can all agree on, but if there's one, it's that horses are the best. Whether they're strutting their beauty in front of a big crowd, showing off their stylish new cut, or just dancing to music, there are endless reasons to fall in love with these magnificent creatures. 

If you're a horse lover, then you're certain to melt with this video that features a baby horse taking her first steps in the outside world. While the sight of the filly, delightfully named Coconut, prancing with joy is amazing enough, it's the backstory of the young horse that makes this truly special. If you look at the Coconut's face you'll notice a strange pattern - it actually means something very special. She is a what's known as a "Medicine Hat" horse because of the unique pattern seen on her head. Medicine Hat horses can be identified by an all-white coat with colored patches over the ears and the head. 

What's so significant about Medicine Hat horses? For centuries, different civilizations have believed these animals hold special powers and viewed them with reverence. Some Native American cultures believe that if you rode a Medicine Hat horse into battle, you would be invincible. Though most people today don't think these horses hold magical powers, they still are incredibly special for how rare they are. 

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H/T: Downundercolour  

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