Really Strict Rules That Real-Life Princesses Are Expected To Follow

If you grew up wishing that you were a princess, you might want to wish for something else. 

You see, while many of us imagine that the life of a princess is easy and pampered and involves lounging around eating nice things and drinking champagne, the reality is often very different.

The British Royal Family is world-renowned, but what you may not know is that if you become a British princess, you're going to have to follow a lot of rules for pretty much the rest of your life.

Check out these really strict rules that all real-life princesses in the UK must follow.

1. The Queen Makes The Rules - You Follow Them

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The Queen, in the UK at least, is the absolute ruler of the royal household. She makes the rules and princesses follow. This includes stopping eating as soon as the Queen clears her plate even if you haven't finished.

2. You're Not Allowed A Nickname


You're going to rule your country one day and that means there's no such thing as "informal" for you. So, no, you can't have a nickname. This is probably a good thing because it might end up embarrassing if you meet another world leader and they start calling you "Shazza."


3. You May Not Vote


The UK is a constitutional monarchy and as such, the royal family is barred from taking part in voting because of their role as heads of state. While the UK does not have a formal, written constitution - this would definitely be considered a breach of the constitution they don't have.

4. You Can't Run For Political Office


Just as they're prevented from voting, the Royal Family may also not run for any kind of elected office in the United Kingdom. In fact, any involvement with politics, no matter how small, is considered scandalous for a British Royal.

5. You Always Have To Look Good


A princess is going to represent her nation and that means there's never a moment where she can just slob around in jogging pants and a baggy t-shirt. She's expected to be immaculately groomed all of the time.

6. You Have To Be Charitable


The British royal family is paid enormous sums of money every year by the state to carry out their role. Part of the responsibility of royalty is to take the lead in charity projects and many royals have their own charities to run too.

7. You Need To Become An Expert Linguist


To function as an effective ambassador for British interests overseas, members of the royal family are expected to learn a lot of languages. This puts them in good stead to make other nations' representatives at ease and to stimulate conversation.


8. You Are Banned From Playing Monopoly


We know, you think this is a joke, right? It's not. Apparently, members of the royal household are very, very competitive with each other. The Queen got tired of hearing them bicker with each other over Monopoly, so she banned it.

9. You Are Forbidden To Eat Shellfish


What have shellfish ever done to anyone? Well, it's not that the royals dislike shellfish and it's not a religious thing - it's that they carry a higher risk of giving someone food poisoning and they don't want to risk this because of their packed schedules, so they don't eat shellfish.

10. You Are Only Allowed One Job


If you're going to marry into the Royal Family to become a princess, then you need to be aware - you have to give up your job to do so. You will only have one job - being a princess -  and it's a full-time commitment, like it or not.

11. A Royal Raised From "Common Blood" Must Wait


In one of those quirks of nobility, a princess who was raised from common blood may not enter an occasion before any royal attendees who were born with noble blood. The only exception to this is - if they are accompanying a husband/wife born with noble blood. 

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