Reba McEntire Slams Golden Buzzer

We live in an unprecedented time where we have access to virtually endless information on the internet. We can learn just about anything if we put in the effort.

One common thing people learn from the internet is dancing. YouTube is an awesome resource for young boys and girls whose families can't afford to pay for private lessons. 

Sofie Dossi wowed the judges of America's Got Talent with her audition. But when they learned she had never been trained, and has utilized online videos to hone her craft, they were amazed.

Part of Sofie's success is her incredibly supportive parents. Even though her performance can be downright dangerous at times, her parents understand it's a calculated risk. They're so supportive, her dad even constructed her props!

When Sofie finished her routine, the judges are somehow even more blown away than at the audition.

Wait until you see what Reba McEntire has to say. What an emotional scene.

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H/T: America's Got Talent

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