Remove Price Tags With A Hair Dryer

In the world of adhesives, there are many strong contenders for stickiest. That said, the glue they use to put price tags on dishes might just get our vote. We have bowls in our cupboard that have survived a thousand trips through the washing machine, and the gooey remnants of their price tags still haunt us to this day.

A quick search of the problem reveals that the internet is full of clever solutions. These typically involve repeated hot-water washing, oils of all kinds, and even more unconventional methods, such as the one we found involving peanut butter. All seem to pale in comparison to this idea, which not only takes remarkably little time, but also keeps your hands completely peanut butter free!

A few seconds with a hair dryer is apparently all it takes to remedy this particular sticky situation. We only wish we had known about this when we first stocked our cabinets. It’s too late for us, but at least you have a chance to save yourselves! Our only question is one posed by an astute commenter: How do you get the sticker off the hair dryer?

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