Reporter Gets Poked And Prodded By Horse

Live TV can be tricky. You don't have any control of what goes on in the background. Fortunately, this particular news report wasn't live. This Greek reporter would not have been able to do his job if it had been. He's trying to set up a shot for the report, but a certain someone keeps interrupting. While filming in front of a barn, he finds it difficult to his job while the horse keeps poking him.

This horse loves to be in the limelight and won't stop his antics! He's doing everything he can to be the center of attention, nibbling, poking, prodding... The fact that the reporter was trying to keep it together is hilarious.

Then come the giggles. The reporter can't keep on with a straight face any longer. He tries to convince the horse to stop, but that doesn't work out too well.

The best part is when the horse leans his head on the man's shoulder and glares at him. The reporter turns his head slowly and then breaks down laughing when he comes face to face with the horse.

This is one determined crew. Rather than move the report to a different area, they keep doing take after take to try to get the shot. Maybe there was a producer who couldn't get enough of seeing his reporter get hounded by this horse. Either way, it's hilarious.

We dare you to try to watch this cute video with a straight face. From the horse being a pest, to the reporter's funny reactions, we can't stop laughing at this.

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H/T: Arin Alkajirun

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