Carl The Rescue Dog Saves His Family

There is something truly special about dogs. Not only do they possess sharp senses and a keen intelligence, they also bond so well with their humans that they can't help but use their skills to do amazing things every day. Whether it's leading police down pitch-black roads to a burning home, or even sniffing out cancer, dogs always seem to be there for us, like little, furry superheroes.

That was very much the case with Carl and his person, Drew. Drew picked up Carl from the San Diego Humane Society. Although he had initially gone to the shelter seeking a golden retriever, Drew was smitten with the charming little pup named Carl, and the two have been best friends ever since.

One thing Carl didn't seem to do much of was bark. He was a pretty quiet dog and Drew even wondered if Carl could bark at all. He learned the answer to that question one night, when he awoke to Carl's barking. Unable to get Carl to stop barking, Drew initially couldn't figure out what was going on. He was tired, he was groggy. His throat hurt.

He chalked it up to a bad night at first, but then smelled something. Before his smoke detectors had even had a chance to go off, Drew realized that Carl was alerting him to a smoldering fire in the walls of his apartment.

It just goes to show you, sometimes the biggest gifts in all our lives come from the unlikeliest places.
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