Rescue Dog Throws Himself From A Helicopter Into Massive Waves To Save People's Lives

Finding yourself stranded in open water without any rescue in sight is a terrifying prospect, but what if there were big fluffy dogs you could hold onto while waiting for help to arrive? Yes, in fact, these dogs exist and they are specially trained for open-water rescues.

In the astonishing video below, you'll get to meet one of these dogs - a large, black Newfoundland who springs into action without any hesitation. As a matter of fact, he jumps right out of a helicopter in mid-air.

Once deployed, these dogs quickly find and swim over to the person in need of rescuing. The victims can then latch themselves onto the dog's body and get airlifted from the water by a helicopter.

These drills take months to perfect and are conducted by the Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs. The training is intense, but it's essential to get it right when lives are on the line.

Newfoundlands are a particularly useful breed for marine search-and-rescue missions due to their excellent swimming ability and webbed feet. They are also able to push through fatigue, which is a major concern in these situations.

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H/T: Disney Pets and Animals

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