Rescue Helicopter Saves Man's Life With A Thermal Camera

Mar 11, 2016

Dogs are a man's best friend, and for Martin Kay, a 67-year-old retiree living in Suffolk, England, that saying could not be truer. While on a walk with his black labrador, Holly Blue, Martin accidentally strayed into a muddy bog and became stuck there. As he lay there in the cold mud, he tried shouting for help, but unfortunately, there was no one around to hear him. The only one around was Holly Blue, who stayed faithfully at his side throughout his ordeal.

After about five hours, one of his friends arrived at his home to pick him up, realized he was missing, and called the police. Other friends and neighbors were also recruited to aid the search until police arrived. Two hours later, a police helicopter found him in the dark, woody area using a thermal imaging camera which revealed Holly Blue's body heat! Martin was already quite cold and covered in mud, so the camera may not have picked him up without her laying down next to him.

By now, Martin had been in the freezing cold for seven hours. As the first two rescue officers arrived on the scene, they also got stuck in the mud, but were able to provide basic services and some warm jackets while waiting for backup. Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt. Martin says he hadn't walked that particular route in nearly two years, and thought the mud was firmer than it was until he reached the middle and started sinking in. He's confident this is the first and last time Holly Blue will be called into action, and is grateful that she was there when he needed her.

H/T: Kruger Sightings

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