Rescued Baby Deer Doesn't Want To Leave Her New Home

Darius Sasnauskas sees a lot of wildlife in his backyard near Yellowstone National Park. An avid outdoorsman, his location allows him to appreciate the majestic wildlife that surrounds him. One day, Darius witnessed two baby deer being born behind his house. Soon after, one of the fawns hurt its leg and was abandoned by her mother. It was then that Darius broke one of his biggest rules and decided to rescue and raise the injured fawn in his own home.

After it was born, the fawn's injured leg kept it from walking properly.

Her mother left, along with her healthy sibling, leaving the newborn to fend for herself. 

Darius knew she couldn't make it in the wilderness with all the nearby predators.


He used an oatmeal box to construct a makeshift brace for her leg.

Darius kept the fawn nourished by feeding her from a bottle every four hours. His dog even showed affection by licking her face.

Thanks to his help, the fawn was learning to walk in no time.

As the two began to form a strong connection, Darius explained that “she’s already used to me, and she follows me … but nobody can replace her real mom.”


No matter how many times he attempted to return her to the wilderness, the little fawn kept coming back.

Fortunately, her mother came back to the house one evening and reunited with her fawn. While it was hard to say goodbye, Darius has since seen his friend living a happy and healthy life with her real family.

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Via: Bored Panda

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