Rescued Baby Otters Receive Their First Meal And It's Just Too Cute

The exotic pet trade might look innocent on the outside, but it wreaks havoc on the lives of just about every animal it touches. There are certain animals, like flying squirrels, tigers, and otters, that are just not meant to be kept as pets. Unfortunately, poachers can make a lot of money by kidnapping them at a young age and selling them on the black market. The process of getting stolen and sold at a young age is shocking to baby animals, often causing them to die before they even make it to the buyer.

Thankfully, there are brave and loving individuals around the world who dedicate their lives to protecting defenseless animals. Frank Cuesta, the man featured in this video, is a successful television personality in Thailand who has a heart for animals. Many have compared Cuesta's program to the one that Steve Irwin used to host, and, when you see him in action, it's no wonder why. He rescues and cares for every type of animal, no matter how big or small. Whether it's a venomous snake or a majestic owl, Cuesta will be there to help.

Take, for example, these two otters. They were kidnapped from their mother when they were just babies to be sold on the black market. Cuesta was tipped off to their location, however, and rescued them before it was too late. Watch as he provides them with their first meal after being rescued. While his job must be difficult, even dangerous, at times, it's moments like this that remind Cuesta that it's all worth it.

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