Rescued Chipmunk Hits These Fresh Sheets, Experiences Ultimate Bliss

Although we don't generally endorse keeping wild animals as a pet, there are times when an animal is rescued and rehabilitated and then is unable to be released back into the wild. Although not much is known about this chipmunk, it appears that's the situation with him. Thankfully, it looks like he's living pretty well and is in great health!

In the video below, we see him experiencing some fresh sheets for the first time, and he's absolutely lovin' it!

He starts by rubbing his face on the sheets and then crawls along them on his belly. All the while, he's twitching his nose and making the most adorable faces. He's clearly in a state of bliss.

His little yawns are probably my favorite part. This lil' chipmunk is having the time of his life, and I'm so glad he was rescued. This is easily one of the cutest videos I've ever seen!

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H/T: Native Americans Daily

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