Rescued Pig Becomes Best Friends With Puppy

Carey Webb and her family run a "pig sanctuary" in Maryville, Tennessee. Recently, the sanctuary got a new, non-hoofed member: Keeva, a French bulldog, who was adopted to be a playmate for one of the resident pigs, Piper. Unfortunately, the two weren't that good of a match for each other ...

Piper and Keeva didn't exactly hit it off. Take a look at Keeva giving her the cold shoulder.

After a few months, they slowly began to warm up to each other, but it obviously wasn't a good match.

Keeva needed a friend to play with, and, since things didn't work out with Piper, Carey went looking for a new pig.


Meet Peanut. He was rescued from a slaughterhouse where he was forced to live in a tiny cage.

Pigs are known for their intelligence, and Peanut is no exception. He easily learned things that Keeva has struggled with, like potty training.

After living in a tiny cage his whole life, he's really enjoying the space, fresh air, and, most of all, his new friend.


They don't seem to know that they're different animals. Keeva thinks Peanut is a puppy, and Peanut thinks Keeva is a piglet.

Carey even lets Peanut inside the house to play with Keeva.

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H/T: kookieandkipper_minipigs

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