Rescuers Approach Pit Bull On Top Of Flooded Car, And He's Too Scared To Accept Help

Hurricane Harvey has caused vast swaths of devastation throughout much of Louisiana and Texas, dumping nearly 24.5 trillion gallons of water in the process. While some were able to evacuate the affected areas, many others were left behind.

Among those left behind are thousands of pets - some with their owners and some without. As rescuers worked to save stranded people and animals, they noticed a dog hunkered down on top of a car with nowhere to go. Little did they know just how unique this rescue would be.

As they approached and tried to reach out to the scared pit bull, the dog's fear took over and it began to lash out at them. It turns out that the dog had been stranded for two whole days as multiple others had failed to lure him into their boats. Thankfully, one rescuer had a secret trick to lure the dog over - beef jerky! 

Finally, the dog (nicknamed Harvey) was safe and sound. Once they got him back to dry land, they realized what a sweetheart he really is. If no one comes to claim Harvey in the coming days, one of the rescuers has volunteered to give him a loving forever home.

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