Rescuers Had To Get Creative To Move 2 Dogs Who Wouldn't Budge From The Spot They Were Abandoned

Dogs are the most loyal pets ever. No matter what. Booboo and Bambi are two perfect examples of the unconditional love given by dogs.

They were likely abandoned by their owners in a Florida parking lot.

They would run from anyone who approached them. Finally, 100 Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida caught the dogs with a humane trap

The rescuers took video of the dogs safely in the car. They love one another so much.

“We caught them both! After 48 very long stressful hours waiting and praying. 6 hours to catch the male in a trap with Rotisserie chicken. The female went running and disappeared. After a sleepless night we drove back the following morning with Booboo the male in our laps. Immediately the female appeared! We sat patiently letting her (Bambi) coming closer to kiss her mate. We decided to place him in the passenger seat of our car and before we knew it she jumped right in to be close to her best friend. Always must be touching or kissing each other. Please Help us keep them Together.”

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H/T: 100plusabandoneddogs

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