Rescuers Rush To Save This Dog From Rising Floods, And A News Crew Caught It All

Whenever disaster strikes, it's often our furry friends who suffer the most. Although animals are known for having a "sixth sense" for predicting disasters, they're defenseless in these scenarios if they're abandoned by their owners or lost during the chaos of an emergency.

This is exactly the scenario one little dog in Houston, Texas found herself in. Sheriff Try Nehis and a crew from a local TV station came across her as she was fighting for her life... 

A two-year-old border collie mix, later renamed "Archer," was found chained and abandoned during a flood. She was struggling to survive when rescuers found her, and it was all captured on tape by a news station.

Sheriff Nehis and his family quickly fell in love with Archer, and decided to adopt her from the Houston Humane Society.

After a warm bath and some snuggling, Archer was in much better spirits.

Now she's living a much, much better life with a family who loves her.

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H/T: Honest to Paws

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